Put on your Oxygen Mask FIRST!


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If you have ever flown on an airplane, you will be well aware of this.

Prior to departure the flight attendants always give out the same instructions.

They show passengers how to fasten their seat belts, they point out the nearest emergency exits and then they explain to you what will happen in case there is a dip in oxygen pressure inside the cabin.

They tell you that the masks will automatically drop down. And then they ask you to put on your mask on first before helping others.

Only when your mask is put on firmly, should you assist others. Whether they are your children, the love of your life, or your neighbour.

You put on your mask FIRST.

Because otherwise, you will run out of air too.

Yet in life we always take a different approach.

We put others and their needs first

We say yes to things we don’t want to do, to avoid disappointing a friend, we take up jobs we don’t want to do just to keep our parents proud and happy, we spend money on useless things just to impress people we don’t even like.

We forget to put on our own mask first

So what is the secret to positive energy?

It’s very simple. Be very clear about your selfishness

When you are working out at the gym, the instructor often tells you to lift, rest and recover. You have to follow life’s instructions in much the same way.

You have to take care of yourself every single day otherwise You won’t have the energy to take care of others.


Spreading happiness can only come from the initial place of happiness. Selflessness can only come from selfishness.

It may sound mean, but ironically being selfish is the only kind thing you can do, if you want to help others.

There is a difference between being self centered and being “selfish” in the traditional sense of the word. The word “selfish” almost always has a negative connotation (like caring only about you while disregarding others) but it’s time to re-brand the word in order to highlight how healthy and productive selfishness can be.

The “good” side of selfishness is that you take care of yourself enough to be in top form for doing whatever you want to spend energy on — taking care of your kids, excelling at your job, and maintaining great relationships.

In fact, even staying alive requires a certain amount of “selfishness.” You have to eat. You have to sleep. You have to rest. These are examples of a necessary and healthy selfishness. So why shouldn’t you ditch the guilt and feel good about putting yourself first?

Remember to investing in yourself as much as you invest in others.

The happier, healthier, and more self-fulfilled you are, the more you’ll have to give to people who matter most to you. You’ll have more time for the things you love. When you make a specific effort to put yourself first on your list of priorities, you necessarily live a more mindful life. You learn to be your own advocate. So “fill your own cup first”.

Like being on that airplane, focus on putting on your mask first.

Say no to that pointless meeting and enjoy your lunch break.

Say no to that college major and focus on studying what you really enjoy.

Make your passion your job, and not the other way around.

Take a break, listen to the sound of your mind and your body, to avoid burning out.

And when you have figured that out you will bring happiness not only to yourself but to everyone around you.


Be happy!





Living a life less ordinary.


true friends

Here’s one of the frustrating things about living a life less ordinary.

When you aren’t following the ‘normal’ rules of society, it can affect free spirits and independent souls like me who are just trying to make the best of what life has offered and are bridging the gap between our dreams and our realities.

Sometimes our friends and loved ones just won’t get what we do and they never will. But what they have a harder time understanding is what YOU do and WHY you do it. It can be frustrating and saddening at the same time. No matter how much you try to explain, what you do and how much energy you put into trying to get someone to understand, sometimes they just WON’T. GET. IT.

They won’t understand your stubbornness, they think you are crazy.

They won’t understand why you go through hell and back to fight for the life you want.

They won’t understand that you’ve grown so much that you never will, and  CAN NEVER, return to the person you once were; your soul just won’t allow it.

They won’t get your vision for your life or relate to your dreams, goals and desires.

And when this happens, for no particular reason you end up being hurt and misunderstood

This is why it is so imperative that you should find and keep friends who are on a similar path to you and who understand you and what you are doing. These people raise you up, cheer you on and celebrate in your successes.

true friends 1

Having someone who you can relate to and who relates to you is going to make a huge difference.

Accept that not everyone will get who you are and what you do, and learn to be OK with that. It’s not your job to convince them, and the chances are you probably won’t.

Don’t waste your time, energy and emotions into trying to get them to understand. The chances are, as you grow, change and develop, a lot of these people will drift away as the gap between you increases and your journey begins to differ.

Try not to feel sad when it happens because it’s perfectly natural. Nothing stays the same in life and some people are only meant to be in it for a certain period of time.

Never let another person’s lack of understanding stop you from following your dreams and goals. We all have our own paths to follow in life.

Keep to your vision. You have a choice about whether you allow outside influences to affect you, or not.

That’s why I’m writing this to you today, because maybe you have someone like that in your life, or I sincerely hope you find someone like this in your life, someone who will cheer you up and instinctively connect with you, give you their time and energy, and whenever you face a rough patch they’re always there to pick up the pieces.



Best always

madhavi 🙂

Colours to wear according to weekdays

vibgyorMany cultures believe that there are colors associated with each day of the week. For example, in India, astrologers as well as Ayurvedic practitioners associate a color with each day. All these cultures believe that each day of the week is associated either with a planet or with a deity. So it makes sense to attach a day with a color.

Colors of the week as per Hindu traditions


Here are colors of the week according to Hindu traditions.

  • Sunday– Hindus believe it is auspicious to wear Red on Sunday. People also offer red flowers to Surya or the Sun God.
  • Monday– Lord Shiva is the deity associated with this day of the week so people often wear White, since Monday is also associated with the Moon and colors linked to it are silver, light gray or blue.
  • Tuesday– In Hindu culture, this day is associated with Lord Hanuman and people who fast and pray to this Lord wear Red. The day is also linked with Mars-the angry planet-which can be appeased by wearing this colour.
  • Wednesday– Green is the color of the day for Wednesday. Wednesday is associated with Lord Budha (not Buddha) which is the deity linked with Jupiter.
  • Thursday– People wear Orange or Yellow on this day. As per Hindu culture, this day is the day of Lord Vishnu who is known to wear Yellow.
  • Friday– Friday color is Blue (Sea green or aquamarine are also acceptable). The day is also associated with Goddess Shakti.
  • Saturday-Wear the color of the royalty-Purple though you can also wear black, indigo, mauve or dark grey, all of which are associated with wrath of Shani (Saturn). People in Indian villages also visit Shani shrines and make offerings of black oil, black sesame seeds and donate black clothes.



Navratri celebrated to honour the 9 incarnations of Goddess Durga, is one of the major festivals observed in India.  This festival has a lot of customs and rituals which are associated with it. One of them is wearing different-coloured clothes on all the nine days 

Navratri Day 1

This day is dedicated to honouring the Shailputri avatar of Goddess Durga and the colour of this day is grey. Wearing this colour will connect you to the divine power and provide God’s protection.

Navratri Day 2

The second day is dedicated to Goddess Brahmcharini, who is known for her calm energy and granting the way to ‘Moksha’. The colour of the day is orange, which depicts the name, fame and money.

Navratri Day 3

This day is dedicated to the worshipping of Goddess Chandraghanta. The Goddess is worshipped for granting peace and prosperity. The colour of third day is white.

Navratri Day 4

The colour of the day is red, which reflects passion and power. It is also known to be Goddess’s favourite colour. Devotees worship Goddess Kushmunda on the fourth day.

Navratri Day 5

Day 5 is dedicated to honouring Goddess Skand Mata, who is the 5th avatar of Goddess Durga. The colour of the day is sky blue, representing faith and spiritual awareness.

Navratri day 6

Goddess Katyayani is worshipped on the 6th day of Navratri. She is the 6th manifestation of Maa Durga. She is known to be the destroyer the evil forces. On this day, pink colour is worn by the devotees, which symbolizes hope and new beginnings.

Navratri day 7

The 7th day of Navratri is dedicated to Maa Kaalratri, who is considered to be the most fierce form of Goddess Durga. She is known to provide power and calmness to her devotees. The colour of the day is royal blue.

Navratri day 8

Maa Mahagauri is the Goddess, who is worshipped on the 8th day of Navratri. The colour of the day is yellow which signifies happiness and positivity in life. The 8th day is also celebrated as ‘Ashtami’.

Navratri day 9

On the 9th and final day of Navratri, Goddess Siddhidatri is worshipped, who is considered to be the possessor of 26 different wishes. The colour of the last day is green, which symbolizes prosperity.


Stay blessed


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Hello Summer


Winter’s are on its way out. The onset of summer brings about mixed reactions from people. Some of us love summers, but some just can’t stand the heat.

Love it or hate it, but you’ve gotta accept that summer is the dominant season in our country. The most common thing we do in summers that that we crib about the garmi (heat).

But there are way too many things that make us look forward to the season.

The fruits, the various desi beverages and the mandatory summer vacations are all the reasons why the Indian summer is a much-awaited season.

Does nostalgia fill your hearts when you think of the good old orange bar that was the staple dessert after dinners. And those bottles of ‘Banta’- the popular drink across North India- a lemon based soda with the marble in neck of the bottle. Or those endless glasses of Lassi (Buttermilk), Rooh Afza (a rose based Sherbet), Shikanji (homemade Lemonade) which could bring you cool cool happiness?

While we love wearing cool breathable clothes, enjoying the seasonal summer fruits, late night movies, beach vacays, ice creams, cool beers and air conditioned rooms; summers can really make you cranky when the Sun God bears down on us relentlessly.

Known for its high temperatures and excessive humidity, summers are the best time to go in for a change in routine, a revamped diet, and a new exercise regimen that suits the weather.

Here’s what you can do to keep yourself prepared to bear the heat.

*Hydrate: The benefits of hydration are plentiful. Drinking the recommended eight to ten glasses of water a day can help prevent illness, keep your bones and muscles healthy, help you maintain your weight, improve brain function and best of all, fuel your activities throughout the day!

* Eat light and healthy: Your body will require a constant supply of water and fluids to sustain through the rough weather. Heavy meals with large amounts of carbohydrates and fats give rise to a lot of heat in the body. A natural way of staying hydrated is ample intake of fruits and vegetables that have high water content — oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, etc. This helps balance your core body temperature and keeps diseases at bay. It also helps hydrate the skin and keep it supple.

* Gear up for summer: Wearing light and breathable fabrics is an effective way to beat the heat. Natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen are much better than synthetic fabrics. Remember to put comfort before fashion.

* Transform Activities into Exercise: Warm summer weather means that you can spend a lot of time outdoors being active. As sunlight is one of the best sources of Vitamin D, use this opportunity to exercise or eat outdoors in the morning. It is advisable to soak in the sun rays early in the morning, as this can be a great way of starting your day on a fresh and rejuvenating note.

*Stay Shady: We all love being outdoors in the sun but it is important to stay in the shade during the hours of noon to early evening as the sun is hottest at this time and excessive exposure causes the body to burn out, when the UV exposure is at its peak. If you are going to be outside, be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure. It is also a good idea to wear a hat and sunglasses whenever possible.

*Stay Cool: When it’s unbearable hot, do whatever you can to stay cool! Go swimming and try to stay indoors in an air-conditioned place.

* Most people suffer from ailments such as common cold, sore throats, and viral infections in summer because of the heat and dust. While a preventive care approach is imperative, being prepared to face an unexpected disease is equally important.

Unbearable, yes , but also lovely , provided you are sensitive to the needs of your own self in this season.

Stay healthy.




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