Hello World



Wow!! I can’t believe I am actually doing this. To be frank it was quite a nerve racking decision for me to be out here in this huge blogging world. This is a new arena for me.

But hey what the hell .They say you must try everything at least once .

If it works out,great ! If not ,no worries.

Now comes the brain storming session of what to write and put out there for the world to savour .Well I decided to go on with the whole enchilada. Food-my own recipes and some more,some lifestyle, home remedies,Yoga, exercise,short stories , in short a little bit of everything .

Also, I try to keep this blog a positive and fun place to be on the internet. There is already a lot of negativity and hurtfulness out in the world, I prefer my own personal blog not be one of those places. I want this to be a place of encouragement for everyone.

So please feel free to always express your honest opinion, I love honesty, but please remember to be kind. Kindness is awesome. I’m still learning that myself. I’m a human just like you. I have feelings, insecurities and family members who read my blog. If you leave a comment that hurts my feelings I may delete it

Hope you will enjoy my blogs !

 smile  Madhavi

12 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Fantastic! Positive and kindness I love! U know I love ur cooking, so can’t wait for the recipes! And the rest. Lots of joy and success! Xxx


  2. I love you for all you do and idealise u for every single word you say which inturn becomes life teachings… i m so glad to see ur this initiative and already can imagine huge response… all the very best for all the coming endeavours … looking forward to follow ur footsteps…😚


  3. Cant wait to read all the lovely blogs !!
    Im super excited 🙂 🙂

    ps .. why can’t we see you name anywhere … or are you cosmo girl for the web ?;)


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