Unexplained Emotions

I recently had a comprehensive medical checkup done, you know to see if all your body parts are functioning as normally as they should – as per the recorded medical journal.

So when I went to collect my reports the doc told me ” All’s well my dear.”
Lung test, blood tests, mammograms, pap smear, heart test –stress and echo , all are good .And your heart seems like it’s in perfect condition.

“Are you exercising”?

Yes I said ,I walk daily.

“Well it shows” she said, “Keep it up”.

Thanks I said and left her room.

On my way back home I suddenly realised, Hey what did she say ?

My heart and its muscles were good. According to the medical investigation and its results my heart was perfectly stable and beating fine at apprx 80 beats per minute.

But what about all the cracks and ridges it has developed over the years?

What about the pain I had to suffer because of a broken dream, a lost love or even a life lived that wasn’t mine entirely ,or the “stress test” that life puts me through day in and day out, what about all those moments of despair that tore my heart to pieces?

Is there no evaluation for that? Can any medical investigative agency find this justification for my tattered heart?

It made me realize two things, though. That heartbreak, whatever its cause is universal — every man woman and child has been through it.

We are all so desperately connected to something or someone — that we live our lives through that emotion. And that’s a good thing.

If we’re capable of heartbreak, we must be living or loving with conviction. It also makes me realize how instrumental your passions become in forming who we are, in shaping the best of us.

I would lack a lot of what I most value in myself, if it wasn’t for my broken heart and not being able to understand the frustration and sadness it causes. It has made me who I am. It’s both a privilege and a purpose.
Unexplained emotions!!



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