Welcome 2017 !!


Another year has gone by and I am a year older .But has it made me more wiser?

Ah who cares!!

Just living life daily and not forgetting to BREATHE. Yeah that’s what we should do isn’t it?

Take each day as it comes.

Every year on this day I think to myself the year has gone by so quickly. Time really flies. But it doesn’t does it? Time takes its own time. Like the Earth taking a calculated revolution around the Sun every second.

Overall 2016 has been a good year for me. Thank you Dear God for the blessings !! I pray that you keep your kind gaze at me and my loved ones for the coming years too!

But hey it’s New Years eve .No time for boring small talk.

It’s time to party!!

And to reminisce all the good times we’ve had in the past year and forget all the bad ones.

To await the New Year with new hopes, new dreams, new possibilities, new experiences, new days. And hope that the coming year will be full of endless possibilities to live and be happy.

Well  gotta go now .I have to get my hair done ,my nails painted ,wear my shimmery back dress and knee high boots, red lipstick and mascara and get ready to bring in the New Year with my loved ones .

Just one request people .Please don’t drink and drive. Get an Uber or keep a non drinking friend with you to take you home safely, if you are completely going to get sozzled.

Lastly, thank you to everyone for encouraging me to keep doing what I do best, what I love.

Have a splendid New Year Eve party ! And an absolutely awesome 2017!

God bless you all!!





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