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Here’s a loose dictionary definition of a Free Spirit (n) : A person who doesn’t conform to society. She/he does her/his own thing and doesn’t care what you think.

An Unconventional person,unorthodox original,eccentric,bohemian,nonconformist person

Today I met a friend after 10 years. We used to be in a travel and tourism training academy together. I was already a mother of two almost grown up children by then. She was a young girl with dreams in her eyes. But despite the age difference, we instantly hit it off.

She then moved to London after getting married. But we kept in touch through Facebook

She was here in Delhi visiting her family when I found her post on Instagram of her being in India for a short holiday. I immediately connected with her and we decided to meet for lunch.

Isn’t it strange how some people you meet in your life leave such a lasting impression on you or you on them?

Well she remembered the time we first met and was telling me how she admired the way I had handled myself.

She thought I was a such free spirit then and am one even today.

How do people you meet so little know so much about about your innate qualities?

Yes I am a free spirit

I do not conform to society’s standards, neither am I an orthodox. Being old doesn’t mean you have to become old.

I care about the right things. I think for myself. It’s not called being selfish. It’s called being independent and doing things because I want to do them. This is how I want to live my life. I love unconditionally. Even if you have hurt me ,I will forgive and forget and come back to you.

I will let it go, If it’s not worth my time. But I do worry a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. I worry about everything .But when the time comes I have no problems in letting it go and moving on. I have mental breakdowns and holler when I am sad. I don’t mind being alone. In fact I love being with myself. I can do things to keep me busy. I don’t have to hang out just because it’s a Saturday night and everybody is hitting the bars and clubs.

I do not let my relationships with others define me.

I strongly believe in the mantra of live and let live.

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