Should you still blog?

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My decision to start a blog did not happen very quickly. It was after much deliberation that I wanted to have one. It also looked like fun. Although I had no real vision of where it may lead, I jumped into the bandwagon without much foresight, just learning along the way. Having followers or increasing traffic, all these terms seemed rather vague to me at that time.

I just loved the idea of having a spot online as it could be a place for me to express myself, think out loud and write about different aspects of my life and what I was doing and learning.

Although people have been doing this for centuries in private diaries and journals, blogging for me was more like maintaining an online diary. It actually started out by including some tried and tested recipes. One thing led to another and I also started penning down the topics I felt connected to.

When I read some of the blogs today, I notice how people have started using their blogs to their advantage. They created a community, of their comments, a place where others could interact around the ideas and stories of the blogger. They gave people a ‘voice’. They started using that platform to promote their business or to sell you’re their own services as a freelancer, coach etc

While self-expression is still why many people blog, others want to make a profit or use their blog to land opportunities that will bring them monetary reward.  Advertising, marketing and selling virtual products is just one way to make money from blogging.

Should you start a blog in 2018?

Well on a personal level, starting a blog was one of the most amazing things I’ve done. It has helped me grow and develop on a personal level. It opened an opportunity for interaction with the community and friendship with wonderful people. It gave me ways to do something meaningful, although it may seem insignificant at the moment but I hope that in small ways I can make a difference for others.

Something very potent happens when you get into the habit of writing down your thoughts, ideas, stories and opinions. You learn so much about the various topics you research and write about. It sharpens and deepens your ideas and opinions. For instance, it has grown my writing and communication skills and found a creative outlet. It can help you to grow your profile and more importantly build your brand, credibility, and trust with potential clients. In other words blogs can be or become your resume.

I’m not sure where blogging is headed. Social media is both a blessing and a curse. Along with the reassuring, inspiring and comforting comments, you also have to learn to ignore the nasty trolls. But I intend on doing some old-fashioned blogging mixed in with the other posts I write. Posts where I don’t worry about whether or not the topic fits with the overall theme of my site. I am still learning and that’s what matters to me now. I hope somewhere my blogs can make the world we live in a better place. I hope I can inspire, educate, and give others a sense of belonging.

Hopefully you will stop by with a cup of coffee or tea and relax while reading.

Happy reading

madhavi 🙂

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