Promise Me.



Promises are something we all make. It may be to family, to a friend or a colleague.  It may be a promise to do the errands, a promise to meet more often or a promise to be more involved. And sometimes, just sometimes, we make promises to ourselves too.

It could be a promise to get up earlier than usual, or to be more active, to eat healthy, to lose weight or to take care of ourselves.

It’s very important for people to value the promises they make to others, it’s a commitment you take and you try as much to honour that commitment. Yet, when we make promises to ourselves, well… That becomes a whole different story.

The obligations you make to yourself should be just as important as your obligations to others. Learn to value your own needs and well-being.

In Indian traditions, particularly Yoga, niyamas (duty or observance) are recommended activities and habits for healthy living, spiritual enlightenment and liberated state of existence. One of the niyamas is the practice of keeping our commitments—regardless of those are to ourselves or to others. There are good reasons to practice keeping the promises we make ourselves. It builds our self-confidence and creates a certain energy in ourselves, somewhat similar to creating a new habit.

Here are some ways you can keep a promise to yourself-

I will listen to my body and mind when feeling stressed. If you’re in pain, stressed, or fatigued more than usual, this is your bodies’ way of saying you need rest. When feeling stressed, take 20 minutes to meditate, exercise or just talk to a friend. You’ll enjoy the positive benefits of this, and can even see your daily life change because of it.

I will smile every day.Smiling places a person in a better mood and makes you feel confident. It’s an energy booster and stress reducer at the same time. And besides it’s free.

I will live a life of positive expansion. Promise yourself to live a life of positivity. Tap your hidden talents, think outside the box, go out of your comfort zone, and be willing to do something you’ve never done. Most of the inventions we see today are because people have pushed the boundaries from what is to what is possible.

I will not dwell in the past.Remembering your past doesn’t mean that you have to carry it with you all the time. Use the lessons it taught you, but forget the incident.

I will live the life I want to live.Chase your own happiness. Don’t succumb to leading lives that others want you to live. The more you satisfy others the more demanding they will get. Sometimes it’s perfectly alright to say NO.Live life the way you want to live it and contribute to the world in your own loving way – say YES to satisfying the urges of your soul.

Accept changes when they happen.Change is hard for many people to accept. But remember that life is constantly changing. Whether it is your job, or the children moving away, or losing a loved one, change is inevitable. Changes are just part of life. We need to be able to cope with these changes in a positive way. Learn to let go. All things that begin will eventually end. Promise yourself that you will take what you’ve learned from them and move forward with your life.

And all you have to do is follow these few simple steps and create a positive ripple effect in your life. It’s that simple.

Have a happy weekend. And keep smiling!

:)) madhavi

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