resistance 2

I stare at a blank screen, my fingers hovering over the keypad.

There are so many thoughts running through my head. But they refuse to come down in black and white. I feel self-doubt. I feel like questioning my purpose. I do not know how to start. It’s a certain resistance. It’s holding me back. It feels like a plague which stops creators from creating, stops writers from writing, stops entrepreneurs from going out there and beginning something new.

So many times I have written down what my next blog should be about on blank papers only to have them thrown in the bin.

What happens when we come up with these ideas and then they just fizzle as the resistance blows in like a furious wind?

Resistance is the fear of failure, of falling on your face, of being told no, of feeling stupid.

I remember having read somewhere- the tree that resists the wind usually breaks down during a storm. But a bush that bends, waiting for the storm to pass, usually bounces back up.

It gives me hope.

I’d much rather, be that tiny bush, than the mighty tree. I’d much rather take baby steps than a high jump. I’d much rather bid my time than give up.

I want to make resistance the new Awesome. And make it into a project to be worked on. I want to put all of my attention, thoughts and words into focusing on the WHAT, WHEN and HOW, rather than on the WHY.

I want to just focus on being me and following my own path.


How do you overcome resistance ? Do Share your thoughts.

Have an awesome week.

🙂 madhavi








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