You were born to shine.

You, the one who walks around trying to fix everything, when you are the one who is actually broken.


You, who had a rough week,

You, who is under constant storm clouds,

You, who feels invisible,

You, who doesn’t know how much longer, you can hold on ,

You, who has lost faith,

You, who blames yourself for everything that goes wrong,

You, who sheds tears in private, and is afraid to show the world your true feelings,

You, who knows it’s only a matter of time, before you completely break,

You, who feels is running out of time,

You, who has carried more burdens on your shoulders than it is humanly possible,

You, who gave up your dreams to see others succeed,

You, who is tired,

You, who appears to be strong and is really strong,

You, who has her eyes filled with pools of What IF’s and Why ME’s?

Darling, don’t be so hard on yourself for feeling confused and lost like you haven’t achieved all that you wanted to.

Don’t you see how far you have come already? Imagine if you had already done it there would be no room left to grow. Be patient.

I know it’s not one of your best virtues. But one day everything will make sense. Every experience will get you where you always wanted to be. Every reason will pull you forward. Don’t be afraid to mess up. Get up. Even though, you may get lost. Go and find yourself over and over again. Just don’t stop.

Remember this –

You are incredible.

You have so many things still left to do.

You make the world a wonderful place just by being you.

You give so much love not expecting it to come back to you.


You, my dear were born to SHINE. Hang in there. The night is still young, but then so are YOU.

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