She is the woman of elements

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She is Sita, as she is Durga
Two powerful women, standing their ground.

She is both, Temptress and Timid,
A sublime dance, of two divine energies.

Surrendering to the songs of the cosmos
Led by the moods of the moon

Cradling a flame inside her
Illuminating the innermost folds of her soul

She is the life force- the giver
Giving birth to humanity

Eternal peace and chaos
Both reside in her.

Intuition and wisdom
Her allies

She is a child
She is a mother

She is a wife
She is a daughter

She is a Lover
She is a Seductress

She is a Sinner
She is a Saint

She is your Heaven
She is your Hell

She is nothing in between

Air, Water, Earth, Fire
She is the woman of the elements


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