In Giving ,We receive.

muir woods


Only a few miles north of San Francisco, in an isolated canyon, grows the ancient coast redwood forest known the world over as “Muir Woods”.

The park has some 1,000 year old giant trees towering about 260 feet high.

People do not just visit Muir Woods. They come from around the globe to pay homage to nature in this cathedral of redwoods.

Do you know what is so special of this redwood forest?

A park ranger was explaining to some tourists the secret of this forest.

He said that the redwood and sequoia trees are the largest trees in the planet. Some of them are hundreds and even thousands of years old. But interestingly their roots do not grow deep.

He said that these trees have been standing for centuries and centuries enduring massive windstorms, frigid blizzards and devastating earthquakes.

Without having deep roots to protect them it’s astonishing how these trees have managed to cope with nature’s elements. The ranger then went on to reveal the underground secret of the redwood forest.

He said the roots reach outward seeking the roots of other redwood trees and when they meet they get intertwined making a permanent bond with each other. In this way all the redwood trees in the entire forest are either directly or indirectly giving support to each other.

Unity is their strength.

They reach out to care for each other and even the little new born baby redwoods, with their tiny roots,are given shelter by the ancient giants.

In the Muir woods nature is giving humanity a very crucial lesson- That our real strength is in our willingness to care for and support each other.

We are caretakers of divine property; our wisdom is to understand this simple universal principle that “In giving, we receive”.

By getting things we make a living, but by giving we make a life

The spiritual evolution of a society can be understood when people love people and use things.

But all too often in today’s world it’s just the opposite, people use people and they love things.




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