When you live with a person suffering from depression, here is what you need to know. They are the toughest survivors. Everyday is a struggle for them , it’s like going to war. But they still get out of bed every morning and face their pain, their struggles.

People with depression go to work, provide for their families, all in spite of being so ill that it’s very tough for them to find motivation around them.

They make a constant effort with the people they love, try to spend time with them and do things for them.

They are highly tolerant and have to put up with so much shit that they grit their teeth and put up with the nonsense and ignorance.

They wear their smiles like shields in front of their chests, and their eyes shut out all emotions. You can never tell just by looking at them what is going on in their mind.

Depression is like a monster lurking in your brain, like a dark pit shutting out all the light till you have nothing but emptiness.

Where do you run to, when the thing you are running from is feeding on you from inside you?

How do you throw out the monster that rises with you in the morning and stays with you till you drown in the abyss of midnight?




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