Remember when you were a kid and longed for those lazy, hazy days of summer? School vacation hadn’t even started but the fun activities had all been lined up. Summer breaks often meant either a planned holiday to visit the grandparent’s or just spending time with the “besties”. Routines changed. Time was less structured. Life was simpler.

I remember how my best friend and me, used to lie down in the cool grass and look up at the sky, trying to figure out the shapes in the clouds as they passed.

Exercise was never a gym class. It was playing outdoors, swimming in a locality club pool, riding a bike, and exploring the neighbourhood.

The mind could wander and refresh; the body could “train” without a target; and the spirit could soar with new energy.

As kids, we didn’t give much thought, if any, to the health benefits of our summer activities. We just  looked forward to spending time, having fun outdoors. That time was called recreation for a reason.

Summer offered time to “re-create” ourselves so we could take on a new set of challenges in the new school year. For those of you born in the personal computer age (I wasn’t), summer was a time to “reboot.” Today, relatively few children actually go out to play in parks. They are constantly engaged with their electronic devices.

Forget about children even the adults do not disengage from their devices. Nor do they stop anymore to take a break.

But we have to make a conscious effort to save room for personal downtime—ideally without guilt or the nagging sense that more important things remain to be done. Whether you are a man or a woman, child or a student, all at different phases of life, but you do face the emotional pressure leading to stress and depression.

I was shocked to read, that the highly successful Indian actress Deepika Padukone, boldly and confidently accepted that she too had faced depression and if it hadn’t been for her mother who persistently kept checking on her, she would have quit long time back.

But what about those people who seldom have anyone around to recognize this emptiness. For them it’s themselves who have to act as their own hero.We can’t control the things that happen to us, but we surely can control the way we get a grip on them. In today’s world nothing is as important as your own sanity and contentment.

Do what makes YOU happy.

Focus more on the WHAT’S in your life than the  WHAT IF’S.

To sustain stamina, vitality, mental agility, and even a joy for living, we have to periodically disconnect from the daily grind. We have to find that sweet spot—a balance—between work and play, and carving out space on a regular basis to promote it.

Regular healthy doses of enjoyable physical activity, sunshine, creativity, unplugging from devices that tether us to obligations and good old fashioned fun should be indulged in, not only in the summer, but throughout the year!

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