Spoilt for choice.


The other day I spent almost half a day on Amazon, trying to select a shower curtain for my bathroom. After having read countless reviews and looking at far too many choices, I felt irritable and tired and simply gave up. The next day, I just walked to the store and picked one up.

Are all these choices in almost every sphere of our live literally spoiling us rotten?

Imagine this scenario. It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you decide to relax after a delicious meal and watch Netflix.  You browse from one genre to the next, continuously shuttling, undecided whether to watch a movie or a drama series. After almost half hour of being in the browser mode you give up. And just plan to sleep since you are too tired. Sounds familiar?

Have you been to Starbucks ???  Caffe, Mocha, Cappuchino, Caramel, decaf, Low fat, Urggh  , enough already , by the time I decide I am exhausted. You know what I mean !!!

Image result for types of  starbucks coffee

It’s the same dilemma at any banquet event or at the restaurant where the menu is so exhaustively long that you lose your appetite and just settle for the food which seems easier on your eye and your palate.

This “choice overload” paralysis the human mind and pushes us to choose something that we may not necessarily want. We make poorer decisions when we are tired. It’s caused by decision fatigue.

In Barry Schwartz’s book, “The Paradox of Choice,”  he explains that  while choice is vital and fundamental to our well-being, too much choice has a cost, and our obsession with it contributes to psychological consequences, namely bad decisions, anxiety, stress, dissatisfaction, paralysis, and even depression.

Whether we are thinking of purchasing a car, or a home, buying milk or cheese , or choosing the best tacos to finding the ideal mate, today’s hazards of choice come from every direction. Almost every part of daily life requires us to choose, compelling many to waste a ton of time and energy on research for fear that the wrong decision might get made.


Related image

These great expectations more often than not tend to make us more miserable than happy. We should just stick with what we know. Do you really need to own the perfect hand cream? Or do you need the most energy-efficient fridge on the planet? Probably not.

Pick your battles; learn to differentiate between what is truly important & what is superficial or insignificant. Don’t idealise things. Nothing is perfect!!

When we seek perfection, we miss the wonderful things that are right in front of us!

Feel inspired to simplify your life!!







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