Be Flawsome

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Isn’t it strange that when we look at photos of people enjoying themselves we think their life is all glossy and absolutely frikkin perfect.

We are so busy enviously looking at the shiny exteriors that, we couldn’t believe, if told  that their lives are filled with dark clouds. That they could be drowning in an abyss of deep depression and a feeling of abandonment.

Betrayal, instability, emotional abuse, loss and so many more issues that people tend to cover up with their most radiant smiles to avoid being questioned. A lot of us are uncomfortable to even hear about depression especially from someone who we think has it all. But the best of us, the rich, the famous, the successful, have faced issues of depression at one time or another.

I myself have been through rough patches. There are so many days when I feel lost, anxious,stressed ,alone, heartbroken and depressed. Nothing in particular brings about this sense of misery, but on some days everything around me is infuriating. I feel my life is going nowhere. There is a sense of disillusionment of having achieved nothing so to say. Most of my 30 years or so have been spent looking after my kids and the elderly at home. Although for about 6-7 years in between I was employed full time, and needless to say those were absolutely the best days in my life so far.

Today I feel that I haven’t accomplished much for myself. I know I could have achieved so much more. And that helplessness, that pain of underachievement and a demon in my head constantly reminding me of being a disappointment just eats me up from within.

And however much I try to focus on the good and the positives the pain eventually catches up. I am not completely unfortunate but neither am I contented with the way things have unfolded in my life.

And so this post is for all of you like me , who have and are struggling to keep your head above the water and have tried way too hard to keep darkness at bay.

It’s for those who have missed countless opportunities and adventures, and lost many friendships.

Remember you are not Alone.

You are a tough fighter and a brave survivor. You are human and you are supposed to make mistakes.

Please hang in there. Life is beautiful, and it has to be enjoyed every moment

Find the smallest thing each day that will bring a smile on your face. Just because you are struggling it doesn’t mean you are a failure. Some flowers take very long to bloom. And it’s absolutely fine to feel pain. It makes you so much more human.

Use this pain to help somebody who needs help. Use this experience to reach out to those who are afraid and shy to speak up.

Listen to those who do not speak about their problems.

A kind word,

A helpful gesture,

A loving heart,

That’s all it takes to be someone’s pillar of strength.


4 thoughts on “Be Flawsome

  1. Well penned Madhavi…
    Self-acceptance is the key to be flawsome. We have to embrace our limitations whole heartedly whether it is our body features, body weight, diseases, our failures or our nature ! Because it is OURS…
    To be honest…It requires a lot of guts and courage to accept our flaws….after all it is our flaws which makes us unique…am I right ?😊

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