Time to Detox


Post-festival is a tough time. You’ve indulged in eating and bingeing on all the heavy, fattening, high calorie foods. You’re sleep deprived, your skin lacks sheen, your hair feels like straw and for the best part of a week the healthiest thing you’ve eaten are probably the dry fruits. And now you are dreading to step on that weighing scale which you’ve casually hidden under your bathroom cabinet.

So how about some detox to clear up the toxins from your sluggish system. Detoxification is not only about elimination but also abstaining.

According to Ayurveda, short periods of fasting effectively remove toxins and gas from the body, help shed a little weight, clean the palate and improve mental clarity. Fasting also helps the body “desalt”, and balance the high amounts of salt that we end up eating on a daily basis and more so during festivals.

Returning back to reality after a festival can be a tad depressing. After all those late nights and long days you’re bound to feel pretty wiped. With the prospect of returning to work looming ahead make sure you give your energy levels a kick-start by eating the right kinds of post-festival foods. Keep yourself hydrated by having water, green tea or coconut water and avoiding packaged foods, sugary and baked goods.

Carrots, yogurt, spinach and broccoli keep your immune system bolstered and are packed full of antioxidants. Snack on bananas which are naturally high in sugars and eat regular, small meals to keep up your metabolic rate. Eating foods high in B vitamins and vitamin C, such as tomatoes, sunflower seeds and whole grain bread, help fire you up and power you through to the week.

Some form of physical activity such as gentle walks, a short run or yoga is sure to get your body chugging and start its own detox process.

Don’t forget to look after your skin. After the endless late nights spent with family and friends, a part of your post-festival detox should be to give your skin a rejuvenating pampering to help renew skin cells and improve your complexion.

Picking up a bug after a festival is the last thing you want to contend with. Try to protect yourself against getting sick by eating foods that help to strengthen your immune system.

Follow these easy tips and you are sure to give your body some rest to get back on the health wagon, until the next round of celebrations beginning at the end of the year!

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