Brutal Truths about being An Aquarius (As Written by One)


Over the past few months I noticed seeing links to articles claiming that for the first time in 3,000 years, NASA has decided to update the astrological signs. Apparently, these changes are due to the fact that the constellations are not in the same position in the sky that they once were, and as a result, the star signs are about a month off now. To further confuse things, there is now a new, 13th sign, called Ophiuchus, (November 29 and December 17) Tough luck guys …learn to pronounce that first!!!

Even as I was scratching my head about how this is possible and I don’t want to sound dramatic here, but this news may have just ruined our lives. This means that the majority of us are about to experience a total identity crisis. And also that means somebody has now decided that I am a Capricorn (Jan 20-Feb 16)???

No, no, and no.  Absolutely not!!!This is completely freaking me out!!!

I have far too many Aquarian traits to now consider being a Capricorn. Sorry Capricorns no offense meant, but I like the quirkiness of being an Aquarian .It’s who I am and I can’t accept anything otherwise now.

And if any of are an Aquarian reading this is or knows an Aquarian, you know EXACTLY how this feels. There’s nothing simple about being one.

We are a walking, talking contradiction, mysterious, free spirited and something of an enigma and because of that, people often have trouble trying to get to know us or understand us (even more so since we don’t like to talk about our feelings, most of the time). Ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus, we can be random and downright bizarre at times, saying things that leave a puzzled look on other’s faces.

Having a wild and rebellious side, we just hate being told what to do. Being free and independent thinkers we come to our own conclusions about things rather than simply relying on what other people tell us. And often we distance ourselves from anyone who thinks that they can control our life. We sing an altogether different tune to simply follow the pack.

Highly allergic to bullshit, we have an almost sixth sense for detecting fake. Being hypersensitive to petty drama, meaningless gossip, and excessive whiners, we’d much rather pay attention to the things that are more important, like chasing our dreams. And boredom is our biggest malady. Oh! How we hate dull and repetitive routines. What’s life without a sense of adventure?

Most people around us think we are aloof or silent, but very often we need to space out and deal with the multiple tabs open in our brain. Having a private ‘me time’ is so crucial to our well-being.

Friendship may be the mantra we live by and we may consider the whole world to be our friend, but we are extremely choosy about who we allow into our ‘inner circle.’ A handful of solid friends who we can trust, are all that we ever need. And when it comes to love, an Aquarian will do whatever it takes to strengthen the bonds of the relationship and once they have loved you, trust me they will always, even if you are not together.

Most people find us quite unpredictable. We are, loving yet detached, sensitive yet cold, independent yet giving, freedom-loving but passionate, rebellious but loyal.  And out of the lot, being fiercely independent is a trait Aquarius swears by.  Losing our independence whether in a relationship or otherwise, makes us feel suffocated, and that’s when we go either go into a shell or back off.  Our genuine and meaningful connections happen only when we can bond to someone mentally.

Aquarius love learning and have a big thirst for knowledge. We consider ourselves to be forever a student in the school of life, and ave a natural flair for understanding new ideas and concepts… FAST. And boy don’t the Aquarian’s dream BIG.

Always the forgiver, we look for the best in people and when somebody close to us screws up, we tend to forgive them and give them a second chance rather than holding onto negative energy.  But one of our more negative traits is definitely the tendency to over-think the absolute hell out of things.

Well people close me have mostly seen me in my default mood. “Is ‘ugh’ an emotion? Because I feel it all the time.”




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