Feeling Blessed.



Birthdays have always been such a big deal for me ever since I was a child. The wishes, the clothes, the cake, the candles, the gifts, everything about birthdays is so special. I always looked forward to celebrating a day so special that is just mine completely.

Well, here I am today celebrating yet another wonderfully blessed year on this planet, surrounded by the special people in my life, my family, my friends, and a few wonderful souls who walked into my life out of nowhere and have remained in my heart, who love me, and have been my pillar of strength, and who accept me for what I am worth. And it’s not just today, but every day, in some way or the other never fail to remind me, just how special I am to them.

I am forever grateful to God to have aligned my path along with theirs. They make my world complete and absolutely joyful.

And now that I’m older by the calendar year, though not necessarily wiser, I am reminiscing about how far I have come, from a gawky awkward shy child to a confident woman. Life humbles you so much as you age. You become more forgiving and less demanding.  You learn to accept the things you can’t change. But today I’ve just made the choice to be me, and not be who I think others want me to be.

Trials and tribulations are a part of each person’s destiny. It’s what makes us human. But having God as my backbone, my shield, has been the utmost gracious part of my journey. When I always have Him by my side to look after me and hold me close, when He defends me from things which I cannot handle, and when He gives me the strength to face life’s many problems , I know I can manage anything and everything.

And to say that Life has been GOOD would be an understatement.

If you’re still reading this post, thanks for indulging me!  I try to write about what other people (hopefully) want to read, but today I’m selfish.  My birthday means I’m sharing what I want to say, whether or not I think others want to read it.  So thanks for hanging in there!

Here’s to another great year ahead and to some more great posts.

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Madhavi 🙂



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