Take care of YOU!


YOU are responsible for what YOU eat. The food is passed on from YOUR hands to YOUR mouth to YOUR stomach and provides nourishment to YOUR body.

Take care of YOU!

The thoughts YOU think, goes into YOUR mind, to process the feeling of positivity or negativity. Think wisely. Don’t let others ideas, thoughts, and beliefs influence YOUR feelings.

Take care of YOU!

YOU have to take out time from the busy schedule to exercise YOUR body. The workout will benefit YOU. Don’t allow others to decide how YOU spend YOUR time.

Take care of YOU!

YOU are the only one in this whole wide world who will love YOU unconditionally. Before YOU love others, love YOURSELF first.

Take care of YOU!

YOUR knowledge is the only thing that will remain with YOU forever. Use YOUR money and YOUR time to invest in YOUR own education first.

Take care of YOU!

Never stop learning. YOU are only as old as YOU allow YOURSELF to be. Age should never be an issue when it comes to adding value to YOUR life.

Take care of YOU!

It’s YOUR Life. And it is meant to be lived, to explore, to learn and to share. Sharing YOUR knowledge is one of the greatest gifts YOU can give to others.

Take care of YOU!

YOUR life is the result of YOUR own hard work. Don’t judge YOUR worth by other people’s success stories. Only YOU know the struggles YOU went through to reach where YOU are today.

Take care of YOU!

Surround YOURSELF around the people who know YOU, Not with those who think they know YOU. Family and real friends are irreplaceable. They will stand by YOU forever.

Take care of YOU!

Never ever forget that YOU are enough.

YOU are what matters.

YOUR happiness.

YOUR mental peace.

YOUR struggles.

Everything begins and ends in YOUR life by just YOU. Everyone else and everything else is just temporary.  YOU are the only one who will remain with YOU till the end of YOUR time.


Take care of YOU!

madhavi 🙂



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