Embrace your age.


As you get older, you gain perspective from the rear view mirror of your life.

There is something about aging that both men and women become more accepting of others and themselves.

This is especially true for women in the age group 50-70. They are less concerned about the opinion of others and are more determined to live life on their own terms.

There have been quite a few women who I have known since they were in their twenties and are now aging gracefully.

I guess it has more to do that after spending pretty much a lot of their youth on tending to their marriage, home and kids and they have more of  “me” time as they get older.  And with that “me” time comes a lot of satisfactory revelations, every now and then on how they would have lived differently if given another chance.

In fact come to think about it, these would have been the same things I would have changed, given the chance.

“I wish I hadn’t bowed to the family pressure to get married”.

“I know for a fact that if I had to relive those days gone by I wish I would have stopped being so afraid and taken more risks with regards to having a career. I could have juggled my time , got out of my comfort zone and held on to the needs of my own as against bowing to the needs of others first”.

“I wish I would have had a home to call my own rather than living with my in laws”.

“I wish I would have I’d trust myself and my talents more”.

“I wish I would have spent more time with my children”.

“I wish my partner understood me and my needs more”.

“I wish I would have looked after my health and endorsed a well regimented exercise program”.

“I wish I would have spent more time with my friends”.

“I wish I hadn’t allowed other people’s fears/ignorance to affect me so deeply that I would blunt my ambitions/dreams to please them”.

“I wish I would have the guts to say no and mean it”.

“I wish I would have taken up formal lessons in Dancing. I think it is the most liberating form of self expression”.

“I wish I would breathe, before I react and understand that I don’t have to have an opinion on everything”.

“I wish I could just pause and see life from a new lens”.

A lot of wisdom and comfort comes with time. Sometimes, the answer is just time — enough time to outlive the struggles in your 20’s and 30’s so that you can develop the mettle to balance the challenges that come in your 50’s and beyond.

There will be many times when you will need more than advice to overcome personal struggles.  “Embrace your age” and love who you are now. It is the key to a happy, healthy and positive aging.

Don’t bother about wanting to turn back the clock. Give yourself the gift of a well-lived life.

Live a simple and healthy life by incorporating a few lifestyle changes and habits.

Don’t forget to do the small often ignored things that will make you content.

You will live as much as been gifted to you. Just live in such a way that each day is a celebration of your life!


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