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Dear Visitors and Followers,

Many thanks for your continued support.

I hope you are all safe and sound and staying home. It is unprecedented times we are living in. Scary and uncertain. We are staring at a long battle until the virus can affect us no more and becomes part of our structure. But till then we must stay strong and keep our bodies healthy and look after our immune system.

I would like to update you and request you to follow -(if you haven’t already) my blog on all things related to the travel ,tourism and aviation industry.

Tailwinds and Touchdowns 

I am striving to publish interesting posts with travel news, stories, suggestions and recommendations on a regular basis. My major goal with this Blog is to give you travel inspirations and to share news and interesting facts about the travel and tourism industry.

For all those that are not registered on WordPress, you can receive my Blog posts via E-Mail. 

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Thank you again for your continues appreciation and support

Happy reading

Madhavi Hingorani

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