Embrace the change


It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

A long time since you socialised with your friends.
A long time since you went back to work.
A long time since those coffee breaks and quick drinks.
A long time since you went on that drive.
A long time since you met your love.
A long time since you went on dates.
A long time since you exchanged hugs and kisses.
A long time since you walked the streets and caught the eye of a stranger.
A long time since you had a stroll in the parks.
A long time since you were in the midst of a commotion.
A long time has passed, and so much has changed.
Days, weeks and months flew by, and you are somewhat different now.

You have…….
A sense of comfort in your own solitude.
A sense of strength in your solidarity.
A sense of tranquility in your mind.
A sense of being connected in all this separation.
A sense of purpose.
You have changed, my god you have.
Don’t let anyone take this away from you.
Don’t be forced to shift back to what you used to be.

You have found so much in this space.
Take your time.
You still might be healing.
You still might be on the way to finding your sense of self.
Remember this and remember well.
You have changed, and it’s a good thing.

Cherish it. Celebrate it. Enhance it. .





Soulmates passing by.


Why do we meet people who are not meant to stay in our life?

Parents don’t always stay. Neither do friends. And neither do romantic partners.

And then there are those fleeting acquaintances and passing strangers that, for brief but meaningful moments, make a huge impact on us.

And we realize that whatever said and done, some relationships are not meant to last. Most of the people in our life simply come and go.

And you wonder what was it? Did you say something to piss them off? Or are you no good at keeping relationships with anyone? 

And you can’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with you. Why did these people come into our life for just a short time ? Are they our guardian angels or our soulmates?

While this could be taken as negative and, sometimes, even painful, if we look at it differently, we will see the gifts these people came to bring.

When we speak of soulmates, most people think of “the one”—their one true love—or their best friend (whether it’s a parent, sibling, childhood friend, or someone else). We attribute it to that special bond with someone we’ve known most of our life.

But we don’t just have one soulmate. There could be a few or many that become part of our life. They could turn up in different forms and they are brought into our life through synchronicity—or dare I say, destiny.

Soulmate meetings sometimes is only for mere moments, an hour, a day, a decade, a lifetime – this is how souls relate.

But one thing is certain when you meet someone with whom you have shared past lives, there may be a sudden feeling of familiarity, an intuitive knowing of what to say and how they will react, a sense of deep trust and safety. And you feel a sense of comfort and warmth when you are with them.

Yet even this brief amount of time can change one’s life completely.

Of course there’s a sadness that comes with the loss of such deep connection. Often, we become so entangled in the drama of our daily interactions that we fail to see a deeper communion taking place or fail to understand it all together. Soulmates come into our lives to add a deeper meaning, and bring a gift of purposeful growth.

And yes soulmates are never with us always. They come and go within our lifetime and are, quite literally, just passing by.