Timeless Existence


I am living in a timeless existence.

I don’t know what day of the week it is unless I look at the calendar; I don’t know the time unless I glance up at the clock.

I wake up to the chirping of birds and follow the circadian rhythm of my body.

My table is not a banquet full of dishes anymore; it’s just one dish which is enough for me and my body to curb the hunger.

I have filled my home with music, at all times. With the sounds of spirituality, early morning, blending effortlessly with the sounds of drum beats, as the day ends.

I am aware of the inhalation and exhalation of each breath I take, thankful to just be.

I walk up to the terrace of my house every evening as the sun sets, glancing at the twilight sky sending a silent prayer to the universe to heal each living being.

I exercise, I look after my health, I pamper myself with rest , I read, I write, I paint, I am keeping my mind busy  learning a language, creating contents for a course I may use in the future, I connect with nature, I pray, I meditate, I get in touch with all my loved ones and more than all of this, I am grateful and eternally blessed to have some wonderfully loving people, some who have always been there and some I just met, around me at all times .

I have learnt the essence of living with the bare minimum and the precious state of just enjoying the moment in a timeless existence.






She is an Alpha woman

alpha 2

You will spot her from a mile away.  She holds her head a little higher and she has a certain air about her when she walks. Making her own way in the world, she knows how to get what she wants……Yup SHE is an Alpha Woman.

So, why is it that most men are scared shit of an alpha female?

Well, I guess men don’t like to be challenged, especially by women. I hate to say this, but in most cases this is true.  So, when women challenge them, men feel uncomfortable and intimidated with the idea that a woman might be better than them and because they are afraid they might lose their ‘macho-provider’ attitude.

Some men rely on good looks and a few pick-up lines to impress a woman. BUT, Alpha women don’t fall for that kind of crap. They need much more from a man to be impressed (if they are to be impressed at all). They want brains, looks, humor…They want the whole package—because they themselves are the whole package.  Too many people think that an alpha woman is just a dominating bitch with no softness to her, but that’s not true at all. Her soft side is as powerful as her hustle.

Let’s not beat around the bush and face the facts here. It takes a very strong and secure man to date an Alpha woman.

And if you land yourself an alpha female, it’s pretty normal that the more you get to know her, the more she will scare the hell out of you, because of how fearless and outspoken she is.

She says and does things with great intensity, and it can be a lot all at once if you’re used to women who are more doting and submissive.

She’s as fierce with her words as she is with her heart and if she falls for a man, she falls deeply. There’s no in between with an alpha female. She works hard, plays hard, and loves harder.

An alpha woman isn’t one to sit back and let life come to her — she goes out and makes stuff happen for herself. She’s not a lazy partner and makes sure life is organized and stress-free. She genuinely enjoys responsibility. Alpha women seek partners who are motivated and want to build empires with the men they choose to spend their lives with. SHE’LL PUSH YOU TO BECOME BETTER.

She’s not the type that’ll let herself go because her personality type simply won’t allow it. She takes care of her health, her finances and her emotional well-being no matter what disaster might be thrown her way. She’ll do whatever she needs to feel good about herself because feeling amazing allows her to bring her best and happiest self to the relationship.

She might come across as too much to handle or as a woman who doesn’t need anyone, but if she chooses to date you, remember she chose you too.

Dating her is a pretty amazing experience if you can look past the initial intimidating traits she possesses because those traits are actually what make dating her one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.

If you’re brave enough fully submerge yourself in the relationship, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t dated an amazing alpha female sooner.

alpha 1







Feeling Blessed.



Birthdays have always been such a big deal for me ever since I was a child. The wishes, the clothes, the cake, the candles, the gifts, everything about birthdays is so special. I always looked forward to celebrating a day so special that is just mine completely.

Well, here I am today celebrating yet another wonderfully blessed year on this planet, surrounded by the special people in my life, my family, my friends, and a few wonderful souls who walked into my life out of nowhere and have remained in my heart, who love me, and have been my pillar of strength, and who accept me for what I am worth. And it’s not just today, but every day, in some way or the other never fail to remind me, just how special I am to them.

I am forever grateful to God to have aligned my path along with theirs. They make my world complete and absolutely joyful.

And now that I’m older by the calendar year, though not necessarily wiser, I am reminiscing about how far I have come, from a gawky awkward shy child to a confident woman. Life humbles you so much as you age. You become more forgiving and less demanding.  You learn to accept the things you can’t change. But today I’ve just made the choice to be me, and not be who I think others want me to be.

Trials and tribulations are a part of each person’s destiny. It’s what makes us human. But having God as my backbone, my shield, has been the utmost gracious part of my journey. When I always have Him by my side to look after me and hold me close, when He defends me from things which I cannot handle, and when He gives me the strength to face life’s many problems , I know I can manage anything and everything.

And to say that Life has been GOOD would be an understatement.

If you’re still reading this post, thanks for indulging me!  I try to write about what other people (hopefully) want to read, but today I’m selfish.  My birthday means I’m sharing what I want to say, whether or not I think others want to read it.  So thanks for hanging in there!

Here’s to another great year ahead and to some more great posts.

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

Madhavi 🙂



A time to Introspect.



It’s almost the end of 2018.

There were so many things I wanted to do this year.

So many dreams were waiting to be fulfilled. And I haven’t even started doing some of them yet. The idea is still stuck in the corner my head for the past few months. But then reality took over and I haven’t been able to actually write them down in black and white and manifesting them. Nonetheless I haven’t forgotten about them.

There are people I have been wanting to meet. It’s been too long and I haven’t seen them. They have taken up too much space in my thoughts but I haven’t been able to see them in the flesh. The pain does get unbearable at times, and the void seems even bigger. The plans were made but like it always is the case-Life happened. The plans are lying on the back burner waiting and bidding its time.

Some of the promises I made to myself at the beginning of the year were fulfilled while some are waiting in the wings with bated breath, staring back at me with pain and sorrow in their eyes.

As I am getting older, I have realised that the feeling of being contented with life is evading me. There are so many things I want to learn. There are so many doors that have to be unlocked. There are so many beautiful places in the world I still have to travel to and experience. There are so many moments in the day that I want to be alive to. I know I am getting even more impatient and greedy to accomplish some of ‘what I really want and close to my heart’ dreams before I kick the bucket.

And as 2018 is coming to an end, I hope I don’t lug the baggage of my previous years with me and stop stressing over the what ifs that I cannot change.

I hope I walk into the New Year with my eyes and my heart open to see the marvellous things around me and see God’s hand in everything.

I hope to forgive myself and the people who have caused me pain and give both of us a clean slate to start over.

I hope to be more thankful for inhaling every new day with a healthy mind, body and spirit.

I hope to be really close to my friends, and to also find new people who infuse me with their positivity and zest for life. People, who will love me and respect me, people who mean it when they say they care.

I hope to look at the sun and let all the shadows fall behind me.

And I hope to convert my two steps forward, two steps backward stance of my life into a groovy dance move.

And finally as 2018 comes to an end, I hope I am blessed enough by God’s grace to press the restart button and begin life afresh.

After all – IT’S MY LIFE!!!