Love is in the air

Or is it? Come February and everywhere you look, you see Red.

Red heart shaped pillows, Red balloons, Red flowers, and Red soft and cuddly teddy bears, celebrating just one day dedicated to LOVE.

But is it really? It’s more like shoving love in your face.

Massive commercialisation has put the most wonderful feeling of them all on a shelf. Have money, go spend. On your valentine of the season

Does love, I mean real honest to goodness old romance, even exist today?


Gone are the days of innocent love. The days when you could spend days just looking at the one causing your heart to flutter. It was like riding a roller coaster of emotions. But hey, what a ride that was!

The blush on your cheeks, when he or she merely threw a glance at you, could be seen from miles away. The endless teasing of your besties could elevate your mood, making your heart go mmmmmm. There would be a constant yearning to be as close to them as possible. It was the days of heady mushy love. The days of longing, when everyone in love, would become a poet at the touch of tender love. Days when a touch or the first kiss would change two lives forever.

Being swept off the feet by a prince charming or a dainty damsel was the starry eyed dream of every young boy and girl. They longed to relish the fragrance of red roses, the aroma of chocolates; dancing under the moon to the tunes of soft music, holding hands and walk along peacefully on a beach, sharing a steamy cup of coffee…huh oh…

There might be fervent lovers out there, but I can assure that they are so few!

We are rapidly losing emotions today. Love affairs these days start on a social networking site and end with a blunt text message. I have seen many love stories dying due to unwanted ego clashes. Demanding partners stifle the feeling of love and bring in hatred into the relationship. Love should not be about being with the person 24/7.   Love should never be controlling.

Unfortunately men and women are more pragmatic these days; they hook up, break up, and patch up so frequently that the one-time gusto of being head over heels for a person is extinct. Compromise is a missing ingredient in the dish of love. Desires and individualistic aspirations have overlapped the plain beauty of love. Listening to each other in a relationship is vital, but today couples have no time for that.

Earlier, a simple ‘I love you’ would mean so much more. Lifetime partnerships would be made by those words. Today, the three magical words carry no weight of responsibility and most of the times when they are uttered; they do not actually convey the depth.

But real love shouldn’t be like that.

Love should be being starry eyed even after years of being together.

Love should raise your heartbeat, when you meet the person, even if it is after a day.

Love should be many tiny romantic gestures, the language of gazing into each other’s eyes, the ecstasy of holding hands, the embrace when you least expect it.

Love should be the feeling of being wanted. Love should be the greed to stretch the minutes when you are together.

Love should be the feeling of pure unadulterated passion when you are with each other.

Love should be staying in love long after the feeling of being in love fades away.

Why are we hesitant to loving someone in a manner we want? Why don’t we do all the crazy things in love? Most importantly, why are we afraid to fall in love at all?

It’s time to reignite the passion of an old fashioned romance once again.



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Deeply Connected or Over Emotional?


I was shopping at a clothing store a few days back when I overheard a couple of young girls passionately discussing and dissecting a forthcoming wedding that was to take place between two of Bollywood’s mega stars.

It was a typical nonsensical and useless tête-à-tête which was none of their business in the first place.

And I don’t know why, but it bothered me. Flimsy stuff like that always bothers me. I couldn’t “shrug things off,” and move on. I was dwelling, and obsessing on that conversation for the whole day. And I couldn’t understand why?

It had nothing to do with me. And everyone has a right to their opinion. So why was this conversation whirring around in my head?

Was it, because I feel emotions more deeply?  And react to things faster, and more intensely than other people do. It’s like getting hit with the first shot of tequila.

And yes, I worry. I worry about this, and that, and every other thing. I don’t shy away from things that make me uncomfortable, because I always seem to be uncomfortable.

I understand that I am not a mess, but a deeply feeling person in a messy world. I cry more than I laugh. I feel more than I should.

But then, I guess when you are connected to everything, you somehow also feel responsible for everything. You just can’t turn your back away from most situations and the people in your life. Your destiny becomes bound with their destiny.

It’s good to feel the pain of others and be compassionate. Empathy is a powerful and arguably rare trait to possess, but the one thing I keep reminding myself is, to be strong enough to love not only my family and friends, but more importantly, myself too.

People like me who feel too much are no strangers to excessive anger, sadness, happiness, etc. They experience every emotion on the spectrum way more deeply than they’d like. Holding back the tidal waves of feelings is just plain impossible. It’s like standing at the edge of the ocean when a giant wave moves in too fast for you to escape it.

You do realise that you don’t control your emotions – they control you. And when you have one of those teary moods, everything and anything whether it is a movie, a book or a song, everything can turn on those waterworks and make you howl.

And as much as I’d like to deny this, I can’t. People, who feel so much, become highly perceptive to other people’s feelings. And honestly, there are very few people who understand the true, inner workings of your mind. They think they know you but in reality they don’t. They can never understand what it is like to feel hurt, or misunderstood, or even ignored.

This is the reason why we appreciate solitude so much. Its only when we are truly alone that we can take the time to deeply reflect upon our feelings. Although it may make us appear to be aloof and stand offish, but in reality this is the time we certainly need to sort through our emotions.

And it explains why we are drawn to other deep and introspective individuals, either in a friendly or romantic way. Their similar mindset, deep talks and wisdom are like an energy bar for our tired souls.

There are probably so many days in a year when I wish I could just “chill out” and take life as it is, but then circumstances take precedence over my needs, and I can’t. But I guess that’s okay. One just learns to live through it.

I just believe in following my heart!!!