Spring Equinox -A Time for Renewal


Even if you don’t consider yourself a deeply spiritual person, the deeper meanings behind the equinox throughout history are still important, not to mention really interesting.

Up until the 18th century, in many parts of Europe, the equinox was once considered the beginning of the new year (it is still considered the astrological New Year, with Aries as the first sign).

In many religions, the spring equinox is an incredibly important time. In Christianity, the spring equinox is the time of the passion, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.

In Hinduism it symbolizes as “the beginning of a new age.” As the darkness of winter lifts, communities rejoice. People embrace the rejuvenation of the season.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Mayans celebrated the resurrections of their own gods.

Traditionally, in ancient times, the equinox was celebrated as a time to cleanse out stagnant energy within the self and homes.

The word Equinox is derived from the Latin words aequus, meaning equal, and nox, meaning night.

At each equinox the sun crosses the earth’s equator and is directly overhead at noon, thus there is a short period of time during which night and day are of approximately equal length all over the earth.

Regardless of where you are, both the spring and autumn equinox trigger transformation.

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, we recently welcomed the Vernal or Spring Equinox.

Spring is a season associated with change, cleansing, and new beginnings. It is a time of renewal and growth, ushering in a renewed sense of energy.

Traditionally, the vernal equinox is associated with warmth, light, birth, and rebirth. There is a focus on transition and its effect on nature and us as human beings.

Science has shown us how plants and animals are stimulated by environmental factors such as temperature, duration of sunlight and precipitation.

These predictable changes that consistently occur in nature determine the onset of events such as breeding or blossoming. And just as we see renewal and rebirth in nature during the spring months, the promise of warmth and extended periods of daylight tend to awaken something within all of us as well, and we begin to feel energized and inspired, spirited and jubilant.

Many of us, regardless of our ancestral background, feel compelled to spend the first few days of spring cleaning, organizing and purging the clutter that has accumulated over the last twelve months.

And this is a good thing not just from the standpoint of enjoying your straightened out spic-and-span clean digs, but it also has a positive impact on your health. This is also a great time of year for “spring cleaning” your body and mind!  Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Get outside!Get physical. Take a walk or play in the sunshine and get a natural dose of Vitamin D to eliminate adverse health conditions including depression, anxiety, and pain syndromes.
  • Slow down.Allow yourself a few minutes a day to reflect and/or meditate.  Embrace the positive thoughts and emotions and release the negative ones.
  • Detoxify your body. Flush the toxins from your body by eating more fresh organic fruits and vegetables of varying color, eliminating fast and processed foods and drinking more filtered water.

Thursday’s vernal equinox marked the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere earlier than any other equinox in the last 124 years. As its arc across the sky gets higher, the amount of ultraviolet light from the sun will increase rapidly. Ultraviolet light and warmth have shown to disrupt the transmission of some viruses, however, whether it will work with corona virus is yet unknown. COVID 19 has only existed for three months and the scientific research is still not sufficient to claim that this virus too will mitigate in the warmer months.

Although if you have noticed in the Southern Hemisphere, which just finished summer, corona virus has not spread nearly as rapidly as it has in the northern part of the globe. How much of that is due to weather is not yet known, as we don’t have any solid scientific evidence.

Whatever be said, spring is indeed a time of renewal and letting go of things that don’t serve us anymore. It reminds us of a rebirth or reincarnation. It reinforces the fact that everything in life is fluid and changing and in order to move forward, we need to embrace the change. It shows us to appreciate the little things in life, the singing of birds and the blooming of flowers.

And as you spend more time outside, notice how nature is nourishing new life, and follow her lead – feeding the vitality awakening inside of you.


Stay Healthy. Stay Positive. Look at the bright side of Life.


New Beginnings


“Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life because you become what you believe”- Oprah Winfrey

It’s always difficult to start over. Starting over tends to take on the magnitude of the nearly impossible. We feel that there are just so many different areas of our life that need changing, there’s so much to do, and so much to learn. And yet when it comes to taking that first step towards transformation, we always back down.

But, I always feel that December vibrates on a restorative frequency and we feel more empowered, resilient, and start gearing up for new beginnings and stepping into the magnificent unknown. As we step into the New Year , we begin to make resolutions, to improve the status of our life, to get healthier, to move forward, to get closer to our goals, dreams, and mostly that ‘difficult to sustain’ inner-peace.

A New Year means new beginnings and fresh starts. If you can let go of the past, freeing yourself of failures and disappointments, you can embrace a new perspective—a fresh look at the future and all the wonderful possibilities it holds. Isn’t it great that you get 365 new and exciting days to mark your destiny?

Change is about possibility, about opportunity, of embarking on exciting journeys of discovery.  Now is the time to either dust off those dreams, or create new ones. It’s a fact that goals are constantly evolving. What you believe to be your ultimate goal today will look quite a bit different in the months and years ahead. However, this is a time for creation, so set intentions & believe that you deserve to receive everything you desire & dream of.

Each one of us is being presented with a choice – to stay behind in our own darkness or come forth and embrace the light. We have to let go, a lot of physical and emotional baggage that no longer serves us and work on improving our life and ourselves.

Although it’s true that we must live each day to the best of our ability, we mustn’t let go of every opportunity that comes our way to focus on our goals. The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.

A great idea to consider is to get into the habit of asking yourself every day, ‘Is this supporting my vision of the life I’m trying’?

Close your eyes to the old ends and open your heart to new beginnings.

Forget the past and look towards the future.

New beginnings are chances that the universe gives you not only each year, but each day, every day to create the life you’ve always fantasized of having.



Start Today

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Life is imperfect. It’s beautiful and complicated and burdensome and messy. But still you are a big part of it. You are a part that grows and changes and laughs and loves and gets broken. And sometimes you feel it’s too burdensome to begin again all over.

But remember this – It’s never too late to start over.  All you have to do is make a conscious effort to start all over again. To Breathe.  To Reconstruct.  To Reshape. To  Remold.  To Reconnect. And begin again.

It’s not only moving that creates new starting points. Sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective, an opening of the mind, a pause that’s intentional, a new route on same journey, a new option of doing things and new possibilities towards success.

Let’s start with the little things. It’s always the simplest of things that make life great.

Start by waking up with gratitude.

Start by drinking one glass of water.

Start by planting one positive thought in your mind.

Start by doing one push up.

Start by deleting one contact that is no longer relevant.

Start by paying one debt.

Start by writing one paragraph.

Start by reading one page.

Start by eating one healthy home cooked meal.

Start by giving up one cigarette.

Start by walking one lap.

Start by saving one bucket of water.

Start by carrying your own bottle of drinking water.

Start by reducing the use of plastic and paper.

Start by wasting less of everything.

Start by doing one random act of kindness.

Start by reconnecting with the people you love.

Start by giving someone the gift of your time however small you can afford.

Start by spending a few concentrated minutes with your children every day.

Start small.

Start today!!!