The One

the one

Love is not supposed to feel like pain.  Love should liberate you from the bondage of attachment. Love is meant to empower you and become your strength. Love should make you feel worthy of yourself. Love is supposed to build you up and make you shine from inside out.

You will know it’s love when you find the one.

He /she won’t be coming into your life with a light over their head looking for you or shouting from rooftops announcing that they are the one.  You won’t feel any butterflies in your stomach or have some fancy dreams like they show in the movies.

It’s going to be a very very ordinary encounter when that special person walks into your life. They will not attempt to stand out of the crowd with their talk and their behaviour.

They will be the quiet and comforting kinds. The one, who will listen to your nonstop idiotic jabber with a wonder in their eyes and a smile on their faces. They will think that you are a complete fool. They will even make fun of your every move and laugh at your nonsense.

But they will be kind, funny and safe.

You will feel like being in the safest place on earth when you are with them. You can sit with them in total silence and it won’t be awkward or boring.

They will win your trust before they win your heart.

They won’t be the most significant person to you at first, but you will be invariably drawn to them like a magnet.  And when they become the most important person in your life you will settle for no other.

You will never question their motive but rather believe them wholeheartedly.

They will be the one who understands your mood by just a text message you send them. They will know and understand that you have your bad days and that you are not perfect in any way, but will stick around you in spite of it all. They will know how to cope with your mood swings and how to control your anger.

They will stand by you; stand by your fears and your dreams, your hopes and your insecurities. They will stand with you and help you build your confidence. They will motivate and inspire you.

They will respect you for who you are, never trying to change you or your beliefs.

They will let you live your life according to your whims .They will protect you and guide you.

They will definitely sweep you off your feet but it will be a slow gradual sweeping- the one you won’t even realize.

They will love you quietly in their own sweet way. But that love will be worth every ounce of its weight in ‘gold’

That’s when you will know whom your heart and soul belongs to.


Living a life less ordinary.


true friends

Here’s one of the frustrating things about living a life less ordinary.

When you aren’t following the ‘normal’ rules of society, it can affect free spirits and independent souls like me who are just trying to make the best of what life has offered and are bridging the gap between our dreams and our realities.

Sometimes our friends and loved ones just won’t get what we do and they never will. But what they have a harder time understanding is what YOU do and WHY you do it. It can be frustrating and saddening at the same time. No matter how much you try to explain, what you do and how much energy you put into trying to get someone to understand, sometimes they just WON’T. GET. IT.

They won’t understand your stubbornness, they think you are crazy.

They won’t understand why you go through hell and back to fight for the life you want.

They won’t understand that you’ve grown so much that you never will, and  CAN NEVER, return to the person you once were; your soul just won’t allow it.

They won’t get your vision for your life or relate to your dreams, goals and desires.

And when this happens, for no particular reason you end up being hurt and misunderstood

This is why it is so imperative that you should find and keep friends who are on a similar path to you and who understand you and what you are doing. These people raise you up, cheer you on and celebrate in your successes.

true friends 1

Having someone who you can relate to and who relates to you is going to make a huge difference.

Accept that not everyone will get who you are and what you do, and learn to be OK with that. It’s not your job to convince them, and the chances are you probably won’t.

Don’t waste your time, energy and emotions into trying to get them to understand. The chances are, as you grow, change and develop, a lot of these people will drift away as the gap between you increases and your journey begins to differ.

Try not to feel sad when it happens because it’s perfectly natural. Nothing stays the same in life and some people are only meant to be in it for a certain period of time.

Never let another person’s lack of understanding stop you from following your dreams and goals. We all have our own paths to follow in life.

Keep to your vision. You have a choice about whether you allow outside influences to affect you, or not.

That’s why I’m writing this to you today, because maybe you have someone like that in your life, or I sincerely hope you find someone like this in your life, someone who will cheer you up and instinctively connect with you, give you their time and energy, and whenever you face a rough patch they’re always there to pick up the pieces.



Best always

madhavi 🙂