Be your own kind of beautiful

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Hey you, you are beautiful!

And you know what makes you so?

It’s the pure love shining bright from your eyes.

That’s what real beauty is.

Don’t go by the people who body shame you, or the people who mock at your sense of dressing or who ridicule you at your make up not done right. And what is right anyway. There are no parameters for having a level of outer beauty that can define you. There is no rule book made in the world that will label what beautiful should look like.

I have seen and met women who have had plastic injected into their bodies, some even as young as 25 years old, to achieve perfection of their shells as I like to call it. And believe me it doesn’t look as charming as the one whose radiance shines through her eyes.

I know we have been bombarded with fashion magazines inflicting on the fact that beautiful looking people experience life very differently from the average looking ones. Strangers walk up to them complimenting them on their beauty, physical appearance and their confidence. And how they have the advantage of that coveted job, and exceptional service at restaurants and stores, than the plain Jane’s ever do.

But do you think these beach babes or even actresses look perfect 24/7?

No way!! It’s all about the make-up, the lights and angles, and a whole team of stylists who make sure they look as close to perfection can get, before their pictures are shown to the public.

Some women on the other hand may or may not have the drop dead gorgeous looks and may not always be shining or perfect. Their beauty is not only about wearing the perfectly fitted dress or having flawless skin. They may not feel the need to smooth out their wrinkles surgically or wearing hair extensions to look pretty. For them beauty may have an altogether different meaning.

The internet is an insanely wonderful place. And we are living in an era where technology like photo shop and air brushing, literally makes all things possible.  With an entire industry focused on masking flaws and insecurities about you, it’s difficult not to get swayed by the whole exercise

However if I could use this platform and say this one thing to the woman who has started to feel the heat of not being “insta-worthy perfect”, is to see how truly wonderful and beautiful she really is. I would tell her to break the so called stereotypes of perfection in beauty, and see beyond the outer skin and find the purity and love in their own heart.

And as for me, lazing in my pj’s , my hair coiled up in a messy bun, my face clean of any makeup and not having the need to check on myself in the mirror every 2 minutes is like being in a state of constant bliss.

I feel beautiful when the people closest to me tell me how much I mean to them.

I feel beautiful when I can put a smile on someone else’s face.

I feel beautiful, when I see the flaws in me, and my skin and accept them knowing that there is no pressure to being a perfect beauty.

When I am walking barefoot on the beach, the waves kissing my toes, the wind blowing through my curls and making them even more unruly, the setting sun casting its warm golden glow on my face, and the peace filling up in my heart in knowing that I am loved for just being me -that’s when I feel utterly and completely beautiful.

How about you?

When do you truly feel beautiful? Do share in the comments.





You are perfect


Have you ever noticed nature closely?

Isn’t it amazing that patterns and shapes exist all around us- all across the Universe- and these fundamental templates adhere to a set harmony?

Right from the Fibonacci sequence (which is inherent in everything from a simple pine cone, or a snail shell, or even the human body, and the Great Pyramids at Giza) to the Golden Ratio, they govern our entire visible and invisible world.

Galileo once said, “Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe.”

Is it a coincidence that all of the cells, plants, symbols, galaxies, matter, elements and life form are all shaped in similar fashion?

Is there a spiritual meaning behind these geometric patterns and symbols?

Is there is a “secret” purpose and a pattern to everything in existence?

golden ratio

Artists, musicians, and philosophers have long evoked the power of sacred geometry or sacred shapes in their work. Such sacred shapes also represent the intangible, mystical elements of life. Why else are we so drawn to them?

Whatever may be the reason behind the prevalence of these patterns, one thing is clear: Symbols have the power to represent the divine, visual and mathematical order in all of life and are the blueprint of the Universe.

And in the middle of this, YOU exist, an equal part of this magnificence, as meaningful and integral to the universe. More than you probably even realize. And all of your life experiences are happening within this grand “plan”. Nothing happens by chance or accident.

So just breathe and allow your soul to show you the way. It’s all written in the Universe much before you were born.