Calling back my Power

I have spent so many years selflessly offering every bit of me to those who took all of my offerings for granted.
I spent countless hours thinking about others’ need that I forgot I had needs of my own too.
I spent all of my energy chasing people who ignored me when I needed them to walk with me.
I spent all my tears on the pain I didn’t deserve to endure.
I let my feet dance to the tune of others.
I allowed my hands to be tied with doing the work for others.
I buried my dreams alive under society’s reality.
I lowered myself to standards so that I would fit in.
I succumbed to self doubt, lack, fear and insecurity.
I stumbled, I fell and lay on the ground and sighed.
Gazing up at the stars, that looked so beautiful, floating in the darkness.
I was losing my spark because I was too distant from myself.
It was time to free my hands and stop dancing to the rhythm of others.
It was time to look within my soul.
It was time to make things right.
I don’t regret anything I did or the mistakes I made.
It was a journey of self discovery to finding the woman I am today.
It has made me who I am.
I want to build myself from ground zero.
I want to bloom to new heights.
Today, I call all of my power.
Back to me.  


Be your own kind of beautiful

me bl wh

Hey you, you are beautiful!

And you know what makes you so?

It’s the pure love shining bright from your eyes.

That’s what real beauty is.

Don’t go by the people who body shame you, or the people who mock at your sense of dressing or who ridicule you at your make up not done right. And what is right anyway. There are no parameters for having a level of outer beauty that can define you. There is no rule book made in the world that will label what beautiful should look like.

I have seen and met women who have had plastic injected into their bodies, some even as young as 25 years old, to achieve perfection of their shells as I like to call it. And believe me it doesn’t look as charming as the one whose radiance shines through her eyes.

I know we have been bombarded with fashion magazines inflicting on the fact that beautiful looking people experience life very differently from the average looking ones. Strangers walk up to them complimenting them on their beauty, physical appearance and their confidence. And how they have the advantage of that coveted job, and exceptional service at restaurants and stores, than the plain Jane’s ever do.

But do you think these beach babes or even actresses look perfect 24/7?

No way!! It’s all about the make-up, the lights and angles, and a whole team of stylists who make sure they look as close to perfection can get, before their pictures are shown to the public.

Some women on the other hand may or may not have the drop dead gorgeous looks and may not always be shining or perfect. Their beauty is not only about wearing the perfectly fitted dress or having flawless skin. They may not feel the need to smooth out their wrinkles surgically or wearing hair extensions to look pretty. For them beauty may have an altogether different meaning.

The internet is an insanely wonderful place. And we are living in an era where technology like photo shop and air brushing, literally makes all things possible.  With an entire industry focused on masking flaws and insecurities about you, it’s difficult not to get swayed by the whole exercise

However if I could use this platform and say this one thing to the woman who has started to feel the heat of not being “insta-worthy perfect”, is to see how truly wonderful and beautiful she really is. I would tell her to break the so called stereotypes of perfection in beauty, and see beyond the outer skin and find the purity and love in their own heart.

And as for me, lazing in my pj’s , my hair coiled up in a messy bun, my face clean of any makeup and not having the need to check on myself in the mirror every 2 minutes is like being in a state of constant bliss.

I feel beautiful when the people closest to me tell me how much I mean to them.

I feel beautiful when I can put a smile on someone else’s face.

I feel beautiful, when I see the flaws in me, and my skin and accept them knowing that there is no pressure to being a perfect beauty.

When I am walking barefoot on the beach, the waves kissing my toes, the wind blowing through my curls and making them even more unruly, the setting sun casting its warm golden glow on my face, and the peace filling up in my heart in knowing that I am loved for just being me -that’s when I feel utterly and completely beautiful.

How about you?

When do you truly feel beautiful? Do share in the comments.






The exquisite beauty of my face
is the first thing they saw.
Until they moved closer.
That’s when the sadness,
In my eyes became lucid.
They believed my skies
were all grey.
But they didn’t know.
Grey is a colour  too.
A little bit of black
mixed with a lot of white.
Just how Life should be.
Some truth and some lies,
Which were mine to keep.
For its how we actually are
And yet it is the grey skies I told them
that bring rain
That’s how your garden flourishes
That’s when you see the rainbow…..


Take care of YOU!


YOU are responsible for what YOU eat. The food is passed on from YOUR hands to YOUR mouth to YOUR stomach and provides nourishment to YOUR body.

Take care of YOU!

The thoughts YOU think, goes into YOUR mind, to process the feeling of positivity or negativity. Think wisely. Don’t let others ideas, thoughts, and beliefs influence YOUR feelings.

Take care of YOU!

YOU have to take out time from the busy schedule to exercise YOUR body. The workout will benefit YOU. Don’t allow others to decide how YOU spend YOUR time.

Take care of YOU!

YOU are the only one in this whole wide world who will love YOU unconditionally. Before YOU love others, love YOURSELF first.

Take care of YOU!

YOUR knowledge is the only thing that will remain with YOU forever. Use YOUR money and YOUR time to invest in YOUR own education first.

Take care of YOU!

Never stop learning. YOU are only as old as YOU allow YOURSELF to be. Age should never be an issue when it comes to adding value to YOUR life.

Take care of YOU!

It’s YOUR Life. And it is meant to be lived, to explore, to learn and to share. Sharing YOUR knowledge is one of the greatest gifts YOU can give to others.

Take care of YOU!

YOUR life is the result of YOUR own hard work. Don’t judge YOUR worth by other people’s success stories. Only YOU know the struggles YOU went through to reach where YOU are today.

Take care of YOU!

Surround YOURSELF around the people who know YOU, Not with those who think they know YOU. Family and real friends are irreplaceable. They will stand by YOU forever.

Take care of YOU!

Never ever forget that YOU are enough.

YOU are what matters.

YOUR happiness.

YOUR mental peace.

YOUR struggles.

Everything begins and ends in YOUR life by just YOU. Everyone else and everything else is just temporary.  YOU are the only one who will remain with YOU till the end of YOUR time.


Take care of YOU!

madhavi 🙂



Be good to yourself.

self love

“Self-love, self-respect, self-worth: There’s a reason they all start with ‘self.’ You can’t find them in anyone else.” –Unknown

 It was one of those nights. I was at a wedding, enjoying myself thoroughly and then someone popped the question:  “So, what do you do?

Within a few seconds my fun, happy, playful side vanished and in entered a girl full of doubts and insecurity.

The truth was… I had no freaking idea about what I was doing!

I didn’t have a “corporate job” so to speak. Besides looking after an aged parent, managing and running a home and other domestic affairs, I have been on a journey of self discovery since I don’t know how long. That question stripped me down to feeling naked and exposed. And because I didn’t have a job title, I had nothing externally to “prove” my worthiness with.

Of course I have had many moments of doubt in the past too, but even when I doubted myself, I always said yes to life and tried to find something worthwhile to do with my time.

But that day when that question hit me, did I for a moment confuse self-confidence with self-esteem? Oops! Maybe I did.

I know Self-confidence is about trusting yourself and your abilities. While  Self-esteem, on the other hand, is about how you see yourself. It’s about your perception of your worth.

Well, if you are high-achiever, it’s easy to trick yourself and think you have self-esteem. Until you aren’t one. That’s when the sh*t hits the fan…What do you do in such circumstances?

They say your biggest breakdowns often become your greatest breakthroughs. So can you say that no matter what happens on the outside, do you treat still yourself with love, care, and respect or not? I myself have some off days, when everything around me makes me want to think otherwise.

Come to think of it, why does self love take so much of an effort when ideally it should be the most natural thing in the world? I mean you really are the Only One, who you will be spending the rest of your life with, isn’t it?

It’s easy to be loving toward ourselves when things go as planned, when we succeed and people like us. But when things fall apart, we screw up or get rejected. That’s when we are the hardest on ourselves. And that’s exactly when we must choose to be the most loving and forgiving with ourselves.

One thing I’ve had a hard time accepting about myself is that at times, and for no real reason, I can get very nervous. Sometimes the simplest of things feel very difficult. Instead of rejecting this nervous side of myself, I’m reminding myself to accept it.

Desires are very powerful things. We should never ever give them up or lose focus on them.  When we manifest those desires, we feel good about ourselves, and our thinking is aligned with how our soul/higher self sees us.

Life is full of ups and downs. Health can transfer into disease. Successes can be turned into collapses. Romantic love can be transformed into coldness. But, no matter what happens on the outside, we must still have a solid foundation built on self-love. Self-love should never be a luxury; it should be as natural as breathing.

We must realize that only by caring for ourselves, can we truly care for this world.

Remember all your actions have a ripple effect on others.

Be love and be loving !