I am still that girl.



I am still that girl,

Who has brown hair, bright eyes, and a heart full of laughter, and yet has so much to lose.

I am still that girl,

Who is young and free, in mind and spirit, the one who dared to believe she could change the world.

The one who’s every step is filled with hurdles. And it throws her off balance ever so easily.

Whose every night was filled with so much darkness that all she could find was the light within her to bring her out of her gloominess.

Who learnt quite early in her teens that her life was never going to be easy, yet her inner strength never diminished her spirit.

Who goes out to face the world with a smile on her lips and a spring in her step.

I am still that girl,

Who dreams and plans. Even though they break and change.

Who wakes up each day fiercer, and determined and motivated, to turn those dreams into reality.

Who is way too sensitive. Who gets hurt too easily, who is too giving, too hopeful, too passionate, too scared, and too much for some people.

I am still that girl,

Who never follows any other sound but the only one her heart whispers to her quietly when the cacophony of noise has died down

I am still that girl,

Who always believes in fairy tales, in stardust, in happy endings, and in true love.

Who knows that darkness can only be broken with the flashes of light shining through her own inner fire.

The one, who experienced heartbreak over and over again but never broke.

The one determined to make her dreams come true.

The one who still wishes upon stars

Yes, I am still that girl.


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