Calling back my Power

I have spent so many years selflessly offering every bit of me to those who took all of my offerings for granted.
I spent countless hours thinking about others’ need that I forgot I had needs of my own too.
I spent all of my energy chasing people who ignored me when I needed them to walk with me.
I spent all my tears on the pain I didn’t deserve to endure.
I let my feet dance to the tune of others.
I allowed my hands to be tied with doing the work for others.
I buried my dreams alive under society’s reality.
I lowered myself to standards so that I would fit in.
I succumbed to self doubt, lack, fear and insecurity.
I stumbled, I fell and lay on the ground and sighed.
Gazing up at the stars, that looked so beautiful, floating in the darkness.
I was losing my spark because I was too distant from myself.
It was time to free my hands and stop dancing to the rhythm of others.
It was time to look within my soul.
It was time to make things right.
I don’t regret anything I did or the mistakes I made.
It was a journey of self discovery to finding the woman I am today.
It has made me who I am.
I want to build myself from ground zero.
I want to bloom to new heights.
Today, I call all of my power.
Back to me.  


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